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My family and I have been patients with Kirriemuir Dental Practice for over 15 years; many of the staff at the practice are now very good friends. Initially I was slightly hesitant when I learnt of the facial aesthetic procedures now being offered at the practice (having never considered anything of this nature previously).

My first consultation not only dispelled many of the myths surrounding such procedures, but was so informative that questions I had not even thought to ask were answered. The staff were very knowledgeable in their respected fields yet also incredibly sensitive; leaving the surgery I was informed if I had any other questions not to hesitate to contact a member of staff who would be more than happy to answer any other queries I may have.

Having decided to commit to the procedure; I was overwhelmed with the results! The procedure itself was very relaxing, I always felt very well cared for and looked after; never feeling under any pressure to commit to anything I was unsure of.

I don’t doubt I will continue using these facial aesthetic procedures in the future but I can say, categorically, I would never go anywhere else for them!

Thank you Kirriemuir Dental Practice.

As a man in my late forties, with a far younger wife, I began to feel quite sensitive about my advancing years; I felt like I was ageing on a daily basis! Yet, when my wife recommended a consultation for facial aesthetics at Kirriemuir Dental Practice I was mortified.

I had heard of women having these things done but never men! As it happens, I could not have been more wrong. My initial consultation clarified this and much more; every aspect of the procedure was clearly explained and I was treated with compassion and discretion at all times. Truthfully, I am more than happy with the results and would have no hesitation in recommending this procedure to other men.

Kirriemuir Dental Practice and their team of dedicated staff provided a level of care and support that excelled itself, prior, during and after the procedure.

It always sounds quite clichéd when you read testimonials whereupon someone has had their life turned around because of some enhancement or another (‘my new teeth changed my life’); for me this is actually the case! I have spent most of my life cringing with embarrassment when I have photos taken and desperately trying to find a way to smile without showing too many teeth. Years of recurring infection in my jaw bone and two horrific operations that failed to clear the infection left my front teeth in a rather nasty state; eventually I had to have them removed and bridged but the infection kept returning.

I was desperate to improve the appearance of my bridge and find a resolution to the constant pain of infection when I was recommended to Dr. Aisling Hanly. Optimistic from the outset, she surpassed even my highest expectations. I would never have believed my teeth could look as good as they do and the proof is in the constant stream of compliments I receive on my beautiful smile. The four point bridge took a long time to complete but the numerous appointments and various procedures have most definitely been worth it!

The level of care I received at Kirriemuir Dental Practice was second to none all the way through (from the wonderful reception staff that were always happy to reschedule any appointments I could not attend, to the wonderful dental duo that is Aisling and Adelle)

Kirriemuir Dental Practice, I will always be in your debt!

I have been a client of Kirriemuir Dental Practice for many years. I find them to be profesional, friendly and caring. I have used them for facial aesthetics as well as dentistry and have always found them to be ethical and honest and wont do work that isnt necessary.

As well as NHS dentistry they also have a large range of private options which gives customer choice and satisfaction. The new surgery is fabulous!

Gillian 42

I am utterly delighted with result of my Botox treatment given by Dr. Fitzgerald. At first I was unsure about having the treatment as I did not want to end up with that "frozen" look but the result was very natural and made a big difference to my appearance and confidence.

My skin appears smoother and it has opened up my eye area. Overall I'm very happy and got the look i wanted.

Alice 33 – care provider

I am so pleased with the lovely veneers that I had placed at the Kirriemuir dental practice. I now have the confidence to smile. I also had some botox and fillers and would not hesitate to recommend Aisling to anyone who is considering having these treatments carried out.

Follow up care is fantastic and Adelle called me after my treatments to make sure everything was ok.

Heather 41 - teacher renaissancelogo.jpg