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Tooth Whitening

If you are unhappy with the natural colour of your teeth or if you have some unsightly surface staining, you could consider having your TEETH WHITENED. We can help you get whiter teeth.

Home whitening – we will take moulds of your teeth and provide you with some thin and comfortable whitening trays – a lot like a thin gumshield. We will also provide you with a home whitening kit which will contain syringes of peroxide-based whitener. You can be assured that any whitening gel we will provide is completely safe for your teeth and will not damage them in any way. You will be shown how to use the trays with the whitening gel and then it’s time to start your treatment at home. Your teeth will whiten gently and controllably after every application and you can choose how frequently to use the whitening gel according to how white you would like your teeth to become.

In-Surgery whitening (Power whitening) – sometimes your lifestyle won’t allow you the time to undertake our home whitening procedure and sometimes patients like to see quick and immediate results. For these people, we can offer Zoom tooth whitening. For this treatment, you will need 90mins in our dental chair after which you will immediately see your teeth are several shades lighter. TOOTH WHITENING is not available on the NHS.

Opalescense GO ONLY £99

Opalescence Go is the perfect option for patients who are looking for convenient, ready-to-go whitening. A PROFESSIONAL WHITENING gel delivered in prefilled, disposable trays, Opalescence Go features the enhanced UltraFit™ tray and can deliver dramatic results in as a little as 15 minutes per day. The UltraFit tray sets Opalescence Go apart with its unique material that warms with the temperature of the body so that it comfortably molds and adapts to any patient’s smile​ for an even more effective and enjoyable whitening experience. With no impressions, models, or lab time required, Opalescence Go is the professional alternative to less-effective over-the-counter options and is an excellent introduction to whitening as well as a perfect follow-up to in surgery whitening.

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