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Sometimes a tooth will become so broken down or heavily-filled that it is too weak to remain viable. For these teeth, we will recommend placing a crown. This is simply a false cap which is made to fit over the tooth and strengthen it preventing any further fracture.

Crowns are available on the NHS with limited choice and privately.

We will also provide you with a home bleaching kit which will contain syringes of peroxide-based bleach. You can be assured that any bleach we will provide is completely safe for your teeth and will not damage them in any way. You will be shown how to use the bleaching trays with the whitening gel and then it’s time to start your treatment at home.

Your teeth will whiten gently and controllably after every application and you can choose how frequently to use the whitening gel according to how white you would like your teeth to become.

If you choose to have a crown provided privately, you have a wealth of choices available to you. Depending on your choice, private crowns can look super-realistic and impossible to identify from natural teeth or be super strong and able to withstand the hardest bite. Our private crowns will fit beautifully ensuring a good peripheral seal which is essential for prolonging the life of the tooth. renaissancelogo.jpg